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 Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do

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PostSubject: Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do   Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:55 pm

Post all your ideas of what existing TF2 weapons should be able to do here. I only have 2 but it's a start. Got the first idea when I was looking at MC's thread on sniping. Add on to the list Very Happy The more the merrier

1. Jarate short circuits Engineer buildings. Then, the sniper would truly be credit to team.

2. Pyro's airblast increases burn damage to enemies who are already on fire, or makes them more vulnerable to burn damage by blasting compressed butane gas at the enemies instead of just air. I don't see why this can't happen since pyros use 25 ammo of flamethrower per airblast, and the same ammo is used for setting people on fire. So we can probably assume that they're the same stuff and it's flammable :3
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PostSubject: Re: Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:56 pm

OKEWL!. lol.

1.) Gunboats should be able to decrease fall damage, not just decreaseing splash by 75%. >:O

2.) ...

My mind's dead at the moment... xD
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PostSubject: Re: Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do   Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:25 pm

With all this pyro stuff going on,
They could be able to light up the demoman's bottle to use as a Molotov that works like Spitter Cum Gew.

The flamethrower could be able to hold onto one projectile like the grav gun in HL2 while draining ammo, and can release them later on.

When a Sandman Ball is thrown, another scout can deflect the ball by whacking it in mid air.
Baseball anyone?

Scouts/Spies would be able to 'tag' enemies at melee range, letting teammates see their outlines through walls for a few seconds.

Sniper would be able to strap his jarate to his arrow, instantly Jarate'ing the area of where the arrow hit, but the arrow will drop faster, since its heavy :/

Homewrecker should instill fear in enemy sentry guns, causing them to not fire at the Pyro. (I would be scared if someone is running at you with a damn Sledgehammer)
(From SPUF)

Homewrecker would be able to knock off enemy sappers by using BRUTE FORCE.
Homewrecker damages enemy sappers now! YES!

Bunny Hat would let scout Triple Jump. (Quadruple with FaN)

Medic has AIDS syringes.

80% less knockback on Heavy, since he is... well... heavy.

Heavy's new taunt: Bearhugs an enemy, CRUSHING their insides, making their bones shatter into a million tiny fragments.
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PostSubject: Re: Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do   Fri May 21, 2010 4:45 pm

I have something to add as well!

The Backburner should have a increase speed option as MOUSE2 since the Pyro not that all fast. Besides, the Backburner has its name after afterburner; which increases a jet-plane's velocity. The Homewrecker should have a seperate taunt ( damn you Valve for being lazy to animate ) like using the Homewrecker like a golf

The Bottle should be buffed up more since its melee range is pathetic compared to the Eyelander. Maybe Valve could add a secondary fire feature to the Bottle, like drinking it (only when its not broken) and making him drunk ( thus increasing his resistance to pain, less damage, melee damage and speed while sacrificing his vision ( like RTD drugged ) and erratic movement (occasionally).

The Spy should be able to attach cameras which can be view using the Disguise kit, great for avoiding those pesky Pyros. The Dead ringer should be able to provide flame protection (prevent the spy from reigniting again). The Sapper should act like a grenade since in Meet The Spy; the spy is able to toss his sapper in order to disable the sentry. However, doing so would require you to wait a cool down time before receiving another sapper. I also believe that the Spy should be able to stick
closely to the walls in order to avoid the enemy team from bumping him ( useful for those narrow corners )

Jarate should reveal coated an enemy's position (by providing an outline) since well.... Piss stinks. The jarate should have an increased area of effect when thrown further since it has more energy due to gravitational pull. The Sniper should have a thermal scope as a miscellaneous ( sacrificing de-scoping time and bullet charge.) The Huntsman should have a crossbow feature, allowing you to pre-charge your shots

The Medigun should have a leech health function, since the Medigun is useful for one thing only; healing. Why not make it so that the Medigun would be able to leech health from an enemy (potentially filling up uber). The syringe gun should be able to slow enemies down since, its filled with drugs eh. The ubersaw should be able to be wielded while self-ubered in order to refill uber faster ( and potentially becoming immortal )

I think that the Max head should not have the feature since not everybody has the game/hat
and I think that its kinda wierd if the Heavy just hugged himself if there is no enemy around...
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PostSubject: Re: Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do   

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Epic stuff that weapons already in TF2 should be able to do
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