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 Reinforcements have arrived!

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PostSubject: Reinforcements have arrived!   Mon Apr 05, 2010 11:44 pm

As Kig have mentioned before. We need to recruit more members in order to increase our talent pool. Having an apprentice would certainly help in ensuring the future of the clan. We should also find people who have unique skillls such as mod-making/machinima creation/video editing and so forth in order to broaden our horizon. I also suggest that we should find specialized people who are very good at certain classes, while we strongly discourage any Targes and Huntsman during competitive gaming. It is important that we know who is who.

Therefore I propose that we should observe people in Asian servers such as e-club/2fort. Evaluate how they play and decided whether they are suitable as a candidate to either join KGTF2 or (if they are pretty good) PGTF2. We should assign recruiters who would spectate every now and then in order to sift out the cream from the crop. However, I'm not saying that invitation is not the only process where we could recruit our members. We could have a seperate clan reserved for pubbers to congregate and learn from one another (KGTF2), this is good as we know that we have some members that are willling to commit themselves to competitive gaming.

As you all know that Kig had set up another portion called PGBF2. I am happy that our clan is beginning to diversify towards more variety of competitive play. However, like Team Fortress 2. We need to find more members in order to keep it alive and beating. Perhaps we could also having a Modern Warfare 2 section as well?

I suggest we take PGTF2 up a notch. Hopefully, in the near future; we could look back and see how much we have achieved. How much we put in to nuture Kig's brainchild. It is time to make a change (Obama voice)

Phew, thats a mouthful. Now who wants cookies? I bake Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Reinforcements have arrived!   Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:34 am

I'm glad you feel the way I do, and if we have players interested in MW2, then we can make a clan. I haven't really looked into the Asian community for BF and MW, but if there are competitive matches it would be great to have someone to represent the 'Pretty Good' name.

I have a dream, that one day this 'Pretty Good Forums' will have a large list of games that it branches out to. And the hundreds of members that belong to these groups are active participants in their respective gaming communities.

As for PGTF2, if we really buckle down and we settle on practicing and wanting to become serious I believe we can. Then one day we'll be on CommFT's matches.
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Reinforcements have arrived!
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