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 Ground Rules and Info (Update- 3/3/10)

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PostSubject: Ground Rules and Info (Update- 3/3/10)   Thu May 14, 2009 8:43 pm

Welcome to PGTF2.

This forum isn't really restricting as far as rules go.
Still the ground rules are as follows:

1.) Make sure nobody has posted the same topic you want to. Duplicate threads will be closed on sight by our staff.
2.) Don't flame other members too badly. Of course you can disagree with them, and you can swear and yell all you want. However, jokes aside, threats and constant flaming will get you a ban.
3.) As far as things go in the ban department, a ban lasts as long as I, or any other mod, want's it to. So be careful.
4.) Spam topics are restricted to the "Chat Room".
5.) For simple FAQ's see the FAQ section above.
6.) One FAQ is: Can I be a moderator?
The answer is most certainly not. As the forum grows I will choose mods.
7.) Don't double post
8.) Don't question modship, it's in the best interest of the forums.
9.) Infractions accumulate once you break these rules. A mod will PM you if you have been infracted. 6 infractions and you got yourself a ban. Most bans will last 6 days, depending on the severity, or multiple bans, it can much much much longer.Twisted Evil
10.)Some of us may know each other on a first name basis. Respect others privacy and don't use those names.
11.) In spirit of keeping things competitive and interesting, I've added a reputation system. This will force you not to be stupid.
To show your appreciation, click the "Thanks button on someone's post, that'll add +3 to your total, to minus or plus one by voting, click the small +/- sign at the right hand side of their post.
12.) Normal members are gold, KGTF2 members are orange PGTF2 members are green VIP members are purple, mods are light blue, and administrators are red
13.) New forum dispute section for problems with members or the forum in general.
14.) Whenever a member thinks a topic should be stickied, or something needs closing just PM an Admin or Mod, we'll get straight to it.
15.) Mod's permissions changed, can now sticky all topics that they moderate.
16.) For even more competition, I've added a points system, for every friend, 2 pts, for every message on your profile, 2 pts, for every day since you've joined, 2 pts, for every post, 1 pt, and for every topic, 3 pts.
17.) No making single derp posts... Ever...

This forum used to be a forum for a crappy, empty clan that never actually had a match, now it is the PGTF2 forum.

That's all for now, but these rules are basic and are subject to much change in the future.
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Ground Rules and Info (Update- 3/3/10)
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