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 General News and other stuff

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PostSubject: General News and other stuff   Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:49 pm

First, I'll be back on probably the 30th of July so not much longer...
When I get back I plan to change some things with PGTF2. First off so you guys know right now, we aren't going to be participating in the AFL Masters or Season 5 unless we can really change everything. That's not neccesarily bad news because none of you really care about competitive TF2 anyway. IF you REALLY care you can talk to me in private and I will discuss what will happen with you. It will be something along the lines of finding a clan through AF even if we aren't in the same clan together I still would like to know who is interested. When I get back I think I"m going to look at the TF2 market and find some work with a reputable clan so I hope some of you do the same. PGTF2 wasn't really working out because we don't have 6 players who care enough and can compete at a high level at the same time. Doesn't really bother me. Who knows, we may end up being in the same clan or having to face each other on the battlefield.

As for us, we'll keep finding new games and ways to waste time just like the good old days. We have to have a lot of fun this up coming year because it's my last. We can decide all that later. There is one very crucial piece of news that all of you must know.


If you do not get that game you are gonna miss out on some crazy shit because its like PR, in world war 2, with proper lan and fun shit. IF you don't get it you can't be in all the fun of blowing eachother up in tanks that have to be manned by five people.

Oh also....

Prepare for the return of dictator Kig.

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General News and other stuff
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