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 Congrats to Paranoia

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PostSubject: Congrats to Paranoia   Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:47 am

For trying to organize the BC2 Scrim:

Let's discuss lineup and tactics now!
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PostSubject: Re: Congrats to Paranoia   Thu May 19, 2011 6:14 pm

bc2 + tactics

you just went full retard bro

pro tip from master sargant shuter sargent general master of grunt sarjent shooter person :

1. Think like a goddamn predator like that scene where he goes wuzuung out of nowhere with that invisible thingy no jk , think if youre the enemy where would you position yourself to be in a strategic position to kill you

2. Flank you retards even though bc2 maps are too damn small, just dont come from the main road trust me works 80% of all the time i played bc2 ( works EXTREEEMLLLLY well on bf2)

3.for PGBC2 or paranoias group i recommend these weapons :

    1. Assault : M416 OR pro tip use the 1st assault rifle and use the 'assault rifle accuracy +' perk play like this for 3 weeks and get back to M416 and you'll be a pro

    2. Medic just use the goddamn free red dot sight lmg + mag amm + medic perk

    3. Engineer use aks-74u / UMP thompson is also a viable choice

    4. Recon just use the 870 with slugs dont be a dick and saying hurr durr this shotgun is better. NO shut up im the master shotgun

and yeah use gustav where appropriate, but if youre pro use rpg to take down those helicoptah and building WITHOUT a goddamn tracer, also MEDIC dont use pistol just use tracer

i woukld be glad if we make a testo to make team squad leader

since we got like a lot of people in pgbc2 and paranoias group whz not make leaders and discuzz tactic

also öäüßööäääöüäöüäöüpßßä LOL


edit : XM8 for assault is a very good option but people will just bla bla bla this gun is too inaccuratayy use the accuracy perk dumbass also time your shots best way to learn assault is to master xm8
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Congrats to Paranoia
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