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 What do you think about the Quick-fix?

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PostSubject: What do you think about the Quick-fix?   Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:35 pm

Recently TF2 added a new medi-gun into TF2Beta, its called the Quick fix. The QF is a medi-gun that heals 50% faster and gains uber 50% faster too. It also allows you to move as fast as any faster heal target you are healing. The ubercharge cause you and your target to heal thrice as fast. The only downside about the QF is that you can't overheal and ubercharge does not make you invulnerable. The QF is probably meant to be used alongside with other medics with other medi-guns. The increased healing rate allows your team to get back to the fight quicker, but with no overheals, you probably can't make a push. One big advantage about the QF is that you can move as fast as a scout. In comp playing, having the medic arrive at the same time as a scout is give a great advantage; allowing you to back up the demo if he is already there. In my opinion, the QF is pretty situational based. So, what do you think about the QF?
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What do you think about the Quick-fix?
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