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 Gang Garrison 2

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PostSubject: Gang Garrison 2   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:23 am

Hey guys, I found this very cool game. It a clone of Team Fortress 2 but its 2 Dimensional and 8-bit. It plays just like Team Fortress 2, with some modifications to tweak the game-play a bit. It is free of course and it is fun to play.
Gang Garrison features all 9 classes in Team Fortress 2, They are;

Runner ( aka. Scout )
The Runner plays an important role in Gang Garrison 2. Due to his speed and his double-jumping ability, he is able to out-run any class. His scatter-gun is weak in long-ranges but its lethal in point-blank. His main role is to capture the intelligence and secure points

Firebug ( aka. Pyro )
The Firebug is a fast and nimble creature. Its flame-thrower deals massive damage in short-ranges, however is useless in long to medium ranges. The Firebug also have its Air-Blast ability, which is able to deflect projectiles and extinguish burning allies. The Firebug also plays the role of the "spy checker," with its flames being able to reveal cloaked Infiltrators

Rocketman ( aka. Soldier )
The typical soldier of Team Fortress 2, his only weapon is the rocket launcher however he does not need to reload and the damage he deals is very high. His rocket-jumping ability allows him to reach greater heights.

Over-weight ( aka. Heavy Weapons Guy )
The Over-weight's machine gun is able to tear anything to shreds in mere seconds, his size however makes him a slow and sluggish person. He has high health too, being the highest among all 9 classes

Detonator ( aka. Demo-man )
The Detonator plays a defensive role in Gang Garrison 2. His only weapon, the sticky-bomb launcher is able to deal massive amount of damage instantly. He is able to lay a total of 8 stick-bombs at once.

Healer ( aka. Medic )
The Healer plays an important role in Gang Garrison 2. He is the only class that is able to heal other classes, he is also the only class that self-regenerates. He also has a syringe-gun, which deals moderates damage per hit. The Healer is able to deploy super-charges, making him and his patient both invulnerable for 20 seconds.

Constructor ( aka. Engineer )
The Constructor is able to deploy sentries to defend areas from the enemy. However, the constructor is able to deploy only lvl 1 sentries which are weak but it packs a punch and cannot be sapped. The Constructor is able to regenerate his Nuts and Bolts, so that he could build more buildings. The Constructor can only have 1 building at the time

Infiltrator ( aka. Spy )
The Infiltrator is able to go invisible and wreak havoc on the enemy, unlike Team Fortress 2; the Infiltrator is able to walk through enemies, thus making him hard to find. The Infiltrator's back-stab instantly kills anyone who may be unfortunate to walk past, however during the back-stab sequence, the Infiltrator remains stationary and un-cloaked for a few seconds, leaving him vulnerable. The Infiltrator's pistol packs a punch, dealing high damage per hit.

Rifle-man ( aka. Sniper )
The Rifle-man is able to shoot over long-distances and deal a lot of damage. The Rifle-man deals whooping damage when he scores a head-shot. The Rifle-man is able to scope and see over long-distances.

Q/C secret class
Find out yourself Very Happy

Here is the download link :
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Gang Garrison 2
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