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 Communicate to Annihilate!

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PostSubject: Communicate to Annihilate!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:55 pm

Hey guys, MC-117 here.
Just to share with you my thoughts about our game-style, I know that we are doing very well during the past few matches but I feel that our main disadvantage is that we are not able to communicate with the spectators.

What would happen if a scout sneak pass our lines and manages to cap the final point, and the only person who knows is the our spectators? I feel that having voice communication would give us an edge during matches as our specs can give us valuable intelligence and, having the overview of the entire battle-field, would prove useful for rallying, giving out strategies and what not.

I have been snooping around for the past few days and found out that most scrimming groups use a program called Mumble, it is a external application that allows you to communicate with other groups in-game, regardless of being dead/spectating etc. I found it very efficient in its job as it does not take much out of the system and you need not have to type furiously to get your idea across

Nonetheless, I present you the DL link http://sourceforge.net/projects/mumble/files/Mumble/1.2.2/Mumble-1.2.2.exe/download, just note that the spectator should be the one hosting the server as not to hinder the competitors
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PostSubject: Re: Communicate to Annihilate!   Tue Mar 09, 2010 6:45 pm

I have mumble and all we have to do is connect to the SH server so we can hear eachother, I encourage everyone to get it as well.

Having a spectator is also going to be crucial like when MC told me there was time for a back cap and we won that round. So, it would be nice.

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Communicate to Annihilate!
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